2015 Summer Movie Review: Hot Pursuit

Yep. Those facial expressions pretty much sum up how I feel about  "Hot Pursuit"

Yep. Those facial expressions pretty much sum up how I feel about “Hot Pursuit”

What if Thelma and Louise and any other buddy comedy had a baby? It would be Hot Pursuit.

Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara are two great actresses. Witherspoon delivered the best performance of her career in last year’s excellent Wild. Vergara, the star of Modern Family (a contemporary sitcom classic), is a laugh riot. In Hot Pursuit, however, they don’t showcase any of their talents whatsoever, and portray two of the most unlikable characters in recent movie history. If Sofia Vergara occasionally yells at the top of her lungs in a half-hour episode of Modern Family, it becomes hilarious. What happens if she yells for the majority of the film? It becomes a nuisance within the first 20 minutes after she is introduced. There are a few laughs given, but the jokes fall flat and the writing is beyond lazy. There’s barely any fun given throughout the 90-minute duration. This is a disaster of big proportions.



Movie Review: Wild

Reese Witherspoon faces a big challenge in "Wild"

Reese Witherspoon faces a big challenge in “Wild”

Playing the most ambitious role of her career, Reese Witherspoon – hardly recognizable without the make-up – hits it out of the park in Wild. This is the true story of Cheryl Strayed hiking on the 1,100 Pacific Crest Trail all by herself with absolutely no experience. The reason why she is doing this is because she has dealt with the loss of her mother (Laura Dern), her divorce, and becoming self-destructive (in flashbacks). Along the way, she encounters other hikers who help her move on. While carrying about 65 pounds of stuff on her back, she ponders her past – both good and bad – which gives her a sense of freedom and self-discovery. Jean-Marc Vallée (director of last year’s Dallas Buyer Club) makes the audience feel like they are on the journey with Strayed, as we see her evolve prior to and during her hike. She’s learning about how to redeem herself and move on from the rough times he had to endure. With ravishing scenery, Wild is an emotional journey that would be discussed about for years to come.