Movie Review: The Peanuts Movie


Snoopy lives in his own fantasy world in “The Peanuts Movie”

In today’s society, kids have been obsessed over the latest technology. They would rather stay inside than hanging outside with their friends. The Peanuts Movie sticks to its traditional roots of Charles Schulz’s comic strips and the TV specials.

It reintroduces the characters I know and love–Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus, and of course, Snoopy and Woodstock (who are the best silent comedy duo since Tom and Jerry). The Little Red-Haired Girl moves into the neighborhood. Charlie Brown develops a crush on her, even though he’s too shy to talk to her. Meanwhile, his beloved dog Snoopy (using Bill Melendez’s archival recordings) is in a world of his own. He fantasizes himself as a World War I pilot fighting the Red Baron. With the help from Woodstock, he tries to win the heart of Fifi (Kristen Chenoweth).

It’s simply a crime not to stick with the original source material. Once this was greenlighted, everyone including myself was worried about whether this will be any good or not. The Peanuts Movie is nothing short of a breath of fresh air. Given the sons of Charles Schulz are among the producers, this pays tribute to Schulz. With unique computer animation, this is a warm, funny, moving film about accepting who you are. It gives something kids and adults will enjoy. Schulz would have been so proud.