Movie Review: Sully


Sully (Tom Hanks) begins to wonder what would have happened on the Hudson River in Clint Eastwood’s latest biopic (Source: ScreenCrush)

Tom Hanks and Clint Eastwood are two of the best people working in Hollywood. It’s hard not to get star-struck about them collaborating for the first time to give the audience one of the greatest survival stories ever. Hanks is known for playing characters who are involved in extreme situations. Movies such as Cast Away and Captain Phillips definitely showcase his talents. And Eastwood has been behind the director’s chair (as well as casting himself in half his movies) since the 1970s. 2014’s American Sniper is a wonderful tribute to one of the deadliest snipers in military history. His account of the Miracle on the Hudson won over a packed-house last night with an exceptional character study about a man doing more than just his job.

January 15, 2009. It seems like your ordinary day in New York City. Until US Airways flight 1549, piloted by Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger (Tom Hanks) and Jeff Skiles (Aaron Eckhart), lands in the Hudson River after a flock of Canadian geese strikes both engines, causing them to fail. The amazing fact? All of 150 passengers and crew survive. With Sully claimed a hero, he is haunted by visions on what would have happened if he failed to save the passengers. He and Skiles face the consequences prior to their hearing with the NTSB.

Sully was more than just a regular guy doing his job. With his hair dyed white, Hanks immerses into the role with subtle heroism. Containing hints of how he became a pilot, the audience learns how he went into the airline business. It proves why he’s one of the most gifted actors working today. As Skiles, Eckhart provides the film’s humor. Combining edge-of-your-seat tension (filmed with IMAX cameras; thanks to Tom Stern’s cinematography) with old-fashioned storytelling, Sully is one powerhouse of a movie!