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My Rating System

0/4: AWFUL! A waste of valuable time and money! A cinematic abomination! Avoid it like the plague!

0.5/4: Terrible. Only one good quality, but don’t even bother. Skip it.

1/4: There are a very few good things that prevent it from being garbage, but it’s still a bad movie. Skip it.

1.5/4: Pretty bad. There are some parts that I really appreciated, but not good enough to recommend. If you really want to see the movie, rent it.

2/4: Average. Some good qualities and bad qualities. I prefer renting the movie.

2.5/4: Not bad, not bad. Could have been better/worse. Worth seeing once.

3/4: It might have its fair share of flaws, but the movie is good enough to recommend.

3.5/4: Far from being masterful, but still a terrific movie.

4/4: Fantastic! A masterpiece! See the movie right away! One of my all-time favorites!