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About Dr. Saint, D.D.S.


If you were really expecting a doctor writing a blog, you’re in the wrong place.

My name is Drew.

I live in the beautiful state of Maine.

I have been expressing my passion for movies ever since I saw Forrest Gump for the very first time on a warm summer night in 2007. I knew I wanted to become a movie critic after seeing Avatar in 3D back in 2009.

I started a YouTube channel to not only express my passion with my relatives, but with people from all over the world. I have been making reviews for four years until I decided to stop and create this blog.

This blog features movie reviews, lists, and other stuff written by me.

My Rating System:

0/10: AWFUL! A waste of valuable time and money! A cinematic abomination! Avoid it like the plague!

0.5/10-2/10: Terrible. Only one good quality, but don’t even bother. Skip it.

2.5/10-3/10: There are a very few good things that prevent it from being garbage, but it’s still a bad movie. Skip it.

3.5/10-4.5/10: Pretty bad. It has its moments, but not good enough to recommend. If you really want to see the movie, rent it.

5/10-5.5/10: Average. Some good qualities and bad qualities. I prefer renting the movie.

6/10-6.5/10: Not bad, not bad. Could have been better/worse. Worth seeing once.

7/10-8/10: It might have its fair share of flaws, but the movie is good enough to recommend.

8.5/10-9.5/10: Far from being masterful, but still a terrific movie.

10/10: Fantastic! A masterpiece! See the movie right away! One of my all-time favorites!


Top 10 Movies:

1. The Lord of the Rings trilogy (2001-2003, dir. Peter Jackson)
2. To Kill a Mockingbird (1962; dir. Robert Mulligan)
3. Schindler’s List (1993, dir. Steven Spielberg)
4. Goodfellas (1990, dir. Martin Scorsese)
5. The Godfather/The Godfather: Part II (1972/1974, dir. Francis Ford Coppola)
6. Rear Window (1954, dir. Alfred Hitchcock)
7. Se7en (1995, dir. David Fincher)
8. It’s A Wonderful Life (1946, dir. Frank Capra)
9. Carrie (1976, dir. Brian De Palma)
10. Forrest Gump (1994, dir. Robert Zemeckis)

Top 10 Actors:

1. Tom Hanks
2. Leonardo DiCaprio
3. Jimmy Stewart
4. Bill Murray
5. Robert De Niro
6. Al Pacino
7. Jim Carrey
8. Tom Cruise
9. Denzel Washington
10. Daniel Day-Lewis

Top 5 Actresses:

1. Judi Dench
2. Helen Mirren
3. Cate Blanchett
4. Katharine Hepburn
5. Sissy Spacek

Top 5 Directors:

1. Steven Spielberg
2. Martin Scorsese
3. Wes Anderson
4. Alfred Hitchcock
5. Peter Jackson

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