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2016 Summer Movie Review: Sausage Party


My thoughts on Sausage Party in a nutshell (Source: Times Union)

How often do we get animated films intended only for adults? Rarely.

10 years in the making, Seth Rogen’s R-rated computer animated darker-than-dark comedy Sausage Party hits the silver screen. He can be really funny as long as he gets it right (e.g. Superbad). However, his humor can get a little too twisted for my cup of tea (e.g. This Is the End). Surprisingly, Sausage Party, directed by Greg Tiernan (of Thomas the Tank Engine fame) and Conrad Vernon (behind Shrek and Madagascar), does tackle religion, politics, and pop culture. Boy, I can’t believe my senses!

At the Shopwell’s supermarket, every single food item can hardly wait to be taken to the “Great Beyond” (home) by the “Gods” (customers). For instance, Frank, a hot dog (Seth Rogen), looks forward to be put on Brenda, a hot dog bun (Kristen Wiig)—sounds weird, I know. He finds out by Honey Mustard (Danny McBride) that the “Great Beyond” is actually a living hell. Scared out of their wits about their fates, Frank and every single food item in the store team up to escape from the “Gods”.

Sausage Party definitely earns its R-rating. It’s not the worst film I’ve seen, but I understand it’s intended to be raunchy to the max. That’s exactly what I got. There are times in which I laughed, but once the jokes start, they never stop. The movie opens up with a colorful musical number (written by Alan Menken, no less!) which sets the tone for the rest of the movie. With an exceptional voice cast (Edward Norton doing a wonderful Woody Allen impression as a bagel), almost all of them fall flat as a pancake. It does have promise in its theme of expecting the worse while having faith in something big. But, it doesn’t help it from being gross, juvenile, racially insensitive, and surprisingly violent. Sausage Party will ruin your appetite.



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