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Movie Review: Keanu


Rell (Jordan Peele) and Clarence (Keegan-Michael Key) have one hell of a weekend to save a cat in Keanu, from the creator of Key and Peele.

Key and Peele are the greatest comedic duo working today. After finishing five seasons of Comedy Central’s sketch comedy series (I only seen a few of their sketches, and I get a kick out of them), the duo—as well as creator Peter Atencio—begin to make their transition to film. Keanu is a parody of John Wick (one of the best and, sadly, most underrated films of this decade); not only does it have the laughs it also has the violence and cuteness.

Rell (Jordan Peele) is feeling lonely after getting dumped by his girlfriend. His life takes a big 360 degree turn when a kitten arrives on his doorstep. He names him Keanu, and decides to take pictures of him for a calendar. His family-man cousin Clarence (Keegan-Michael Key) is also in love with him. One night, after coming back from the movie theater, they find out that Keanu has been taken by a group of drug dealers, led by Cheddar (Method Man). Rell and Clarence both go to the other side of Los Angeles; in order the get the cute little fur ball back, they go gangsta!

Fans of the show will have a blast with the movie; as for newcomers of the duo, Keanu is a good place to start. It provides fast-paced energy, ranging from having fun with the African-American—and drug dealer—stereotypes, film references galore, celebrity cameos, and a soundtrack featuring George Michael (those jokes had me in stitches). The chemistry between Key and Peele makes up for the flaws, not to mention the most adorable cat to ever grace the silver screen (the movie used seven cats to portray Keanu, according to Peele).

It might feel like an overlong Key and Peele sketch. The action-filled final act, although better than most action sequences today, loses a bit of steam. Nevertheless, I had a great time with Keanu, and I look forward to see more of the ingenious duo.



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