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Movie Review: 13 Hours


Jack Silva (John Krasinski) and his team must defend themselves in “13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi”

Time to take a break from Transformers, and go into a darker reality.

13 Hours is the true story of a group of CIA security contractors landing in Benghazi to take defense after Islamic militants kill the American ambassador. Given it’s a Michael Bay film, this movie is going to have a lot of explosions and occasionally cheesy dialogue. The camerawork, at times, is shaky but to the point where it becomes obnoxious (in fact, the action is electrifying, kudos to its practical effects). Surprisingly, he gives respects to those involved in this horrible situation. America is still fighting terrorism to this day.

13 Hours puts the politics aside, and mainly focuses on the soldiers. We don’t know much about them, but what we do know is they are far from home. And they are aching to get the hell out of Benghazi to reunite with their families. John Krasinski and the cast feel like they are the actual people fighting for their lives. Even though it’s not a great movie, Bay gives us a sometimes beautifully-shot, exciting, and frenetic biographical thriller that throws the Transformers movies out of the water. 13 Hours is his most mature film since The Rock.



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