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2015 Summer Movie Review: Southpaw

Jake Gyllenhaal in the ring in Antoine Fuqua's "Southpaw"

Jake Gyllenhaal in the ring in Antoine Fuqua’s “Southpaw”

Jake Gyllenhaal delivers the most ambitious performance of his career as Billy “The Great” Hope in Southpaw, the latest from Antoine Fuqua (Training Day, Olympus Has Fallen, The Equalizer). He’s a light heavyweight boxer fighting for his life as he tries to get custody of his daughter Leila (Oona Laurence) after his wife Maureen (Rachel McAdams) accidentally gets shot after giving a speech at a charity event. Not only did he change physically but also emotionally. He loses everything: his house, his daughter, and his fame. He turns to see a boxing trainer (Forest Whitaker) to earn a job at a boxing gym. They have great chemistry together. Even though it does riddle with cliches and it can drag at times, the boxing scenes are well done and the drama is existent. It’s not up there with Rocky, Raging Bull, or Million Dollar Baby.



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