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2015 Summer Movie Review: Inside Out

The emotions in Disney/PIXAR's latest feature

The emotions in Disney/PIXAR’s latest feature “Inside Out”

I’m glad you’re back, PIXAR. After three disappointing films–Cars 2, Brave, and Monsters University–we finally get something original, ambitious and creative from this wonderful company. Not only is Inside Out the best PIXAR movie since Toy Story 3, it’s also one of the absolute best films so far this year and this decade. I’m surprised how mature it handles the theme of what is happening in our mind and accepting who we are especially when going through the different changes in life. It has enough laughs and tearjerking moments, the animation is beautiful, the voice-casting is pitch perfect, and it has a great message for kids and adults. It’s rare for someone like me to choke up while seeing a movie in the theater. Inside Out is one of those movies. Hell, I even got teary-eyed during the short film Lava, which follows a volcano trying to find love by singing a song out of it. Along with Geri’s Game and Day and Night, this is the best of the PIXAR shorts. I can’t recommend Inside Out more highly!


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