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Star Wars VII & Batman vs. Superman Trailers

There have been a lot of trailers for some good-looking movies so far. Two of them have released this week, which had many people buzzing about. They are Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens and Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

These are some of the most highly anticipated movies of the rest of the decade. Who knows how long I have been waiting for another Star Wars trilogy!? I was hooked from the very first image of the new teaser. These movies are a kid’s dream come true – with the exception of the prequels that came out more than a decade ago. Stormtroopers. New heroes. Some exhilarating action. Han Solo and Chewbacca coming back home. What more do you need from this trailer? I hope J.J. Abrams doesn’t mess this up.

A lot of people were mixed about Man of Steel. Zach Snyder has a unique visual style even though all of his movies aren’t that great (300 and Sucker Punch being two examples). I personally thought he, along with producer Christopher Nolan, did a good job bringing Superman (well-played by Henry Cavill) back to life on the silver screen. However, it was definitely overhyped.

When I first heard about Batman vs. Superman, I thought this would turn out to be an epic battle. But when I heard about Ben Affleck playing Batman, I had a bad feeling this would turn out to be garbage. He has surprised me with every movie he has starred in lately. Argo, The Town and Gone Girl are some of my personal favorite movies of this decade. Based on the trailer, which came out a few hours ago, Affleck looks pretty badass, but I’m still not buying it. Let’s wait and see what the final product would look like.

What do you think of the trailers?


2 thoughts on “Star Wars VII & Batman vs. Superman Trailers

  1. Absolutely LOVED the Star Wars trailer. What an exciting prospect to revisit that rich galaxy and it NOT be a prequel. There is so much room for expression within it and J.J. Abrams looks like he is right at the top of his game. Snyder’s film on the other hand looks gloomy and uninviting. Maybe that’ll be a good thing, but I just can’t buy him as a serious talent. I think both will be huge, but I fear Batman v Superman will be a stupid – a little like the last 30mins of Man of Steel.

    • I agree. The ending of Man of Steel went on for a little too long, almost feels like an eternity. Like I said above, Zach Snyder is a great visionary but a bad storyteller. 300 is one of the bloodiest and visually stunning movies I’ve ever seen. He doesn’t give a lot of depth in its history. Sucker Punch felt brain-washed and boring as hell. The Legend of the Guardians: Owls of Ga’Hoole was a cool experience (despite not reading the books), but it was far from a masterpiece. On the other hand, I cannot wait to see how J.J. Abrams and Rian Johnson do with the Star Wars sequels. The new trailer definitely kicks the prequels out of the water.

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