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Movie Review: Interstellar


Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) and his daughter Murphy (Mackenzie Foy) look up in the stars in Christopher Nolan’s ambitious space epic “Interstellar”

Christopher Nolan has done the impossible! After making Inception and The Dark Knight trilogy, he has truly defined the word “ambitious” with Interstellar. This follows the footpaths of 2001: A Space Odyssey by going into the unknown. Unlike last year’s Gravity, he provides more of a philosophical look of space that will be discussed about for years to come. Interstellar asks a lot of questions about the world we live in. Is this the latest masterpiece that we have been expecting from Chrisopher Nolan?

No! With its 169-minute running time, the movie is 20 minutes too long. Nevertheless, it’s quite a rich, thought-provoking experience.

In the future, Earth has been devastated by drought. There are no food sources, leaving many people to suffer. Cooper (Matthew McConaughey), a former NASA pilot is living on a farm in the middle of nowhere with his father-in-law Donald (John Lithgow), son Tom (Timothée Chalamet; Casey Affleck as older Tom), and daughter Murphy (Mackenzie Foy; Jessica Chastain as older Murphy). When he is taken to a NASA installation led by Professor Brand (Michael Caine), he embarks on a mission with the Endurance crew through a wormhole into another galaxy. This upsets Murphy, but Cooper has to do it in order to save the world. His crew consists of Amelia Brand (Anne Hathaway), two scientists (Wes Bently and David Gyasi), and two robots, TARS (voiced by Bill Irwin) and CASE (voiced by Josh Stewart). While on the mission, he is required to think bigger than ever before. Not only that, he must choose between his children and future generations.

This is a career-changing role for McConaughey. He is beginning to leave behind his roles in romantic comedies (to be fair, his abs deliver much better performances in those movies), and becoming a true star. Some of the film’s heartwrencing scenes involve Cooper leaving his daughter behind, and beginning to think outside the box after Murph believes “ghosts” are in the house; leaving mysterious messages in dust like STAY.

Years later, while traveling through space, he stays young while his children grow into adulthood. His crew starts to question how love is hard to measure through scientific terms. This is a touching message that goes beyond the universe.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this movie gets some recognition this Oscar season, especially for its breathtaking visual effects and terrific performances from McConaughey and Chastain. Although this is far from Christopher Nolan’s best movie, it’s an experience unlike any other. This one of the most beautiful movies I’ve ever seen!



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