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Movie Review: Annabelle


Mia (Annabelle Wallis) hears something going bump in the night in “Annabelle”, the cash-grab prequel to “The Conjuring”

In honor of Halloween, I’m going to review Annabelle, which I finally got the chance to see in theaters.

For someone who thought The Conjuring was a breath of fresh air, I wanted the prequel to be as good. James Wan did a terrific job setting up a horror tale that had old-fashioned scares, an eerie atmosphere, and a story that looks realistic. When he introduced Annabelle, the creepy ventriloquist doll, I knew I was in for something frighteningly good. I wished for a spin-off on the doll.

The movie got made, and unfortunately, it gets everything wrong that The Conjuring got right.

John and Mia (Ward Horton and Annabelle Wallis) are a happy couple living in Santa Monica. They are expecting their first child. John gives Mia a doll to fit in with the rest of her collection. One night, Mia wakes up and hear a scream from next door. After calling the police, their home gets invaded by two people who are part of a satanic cult. They summon an entity named Annabelle that starts to drive the family bonkers.

I have to admit that Annabelle has very few eerie sequences. Including one where Mia walks up the staircase to find drawings, which she assumed it was by some child. However, as she keeps walking up the stairs, she sees something frightening about them. They consist of her seeing her baby in the baby carriage getting run over by a garbage truck. It conjures up some effective foreshadowing. Other than that, it relies way too much on jump scares than the overall atmosphere. It gets annoying to the point of being funny.

I just want to ask: Why would someone leave a creepy doll in a room where the baby is going to sleep? What a disappointment on every level!



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