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2014 Summer Movie Review: Neighbors

Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne introduce themselves as the "Neighbors"

Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne introduce themselves to Zac Efron as the neighbors. What could possibly go wrong?

I hate it when I’m watching a trailer for a comedy that looked funny. For the most part, they could give all of the funny parts away in under three minutes. Once everyone go sees the movie, they would expect what they have seen from the trailer. Neighbors, the latest comedy from the creators of last year’s overrated comedy This Is the End, is no exception. Because the previews for the movie gave away just about everything, doesn’t mean I hated the movie. I went to see Neighbors this past Saturday, and I laughed, guffawed, cringed, and had a good time.

Neighbors centers around Mac and Kelly (Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne), a couple who live with their newborn baby in a nice and friendly neighborhood. Then, a fraternity moves into the house next door. Mac and Kelly introduce themselves as the new neighbors. They ask Teddy (Zac Efron), the leader of the fraternity, to keep the noise down whenever he and his frat brothers have overnight parties. Even though they were invited to one of their parties, they still had to endure with their schemes. After the police blames Mac for setting the parties, a battle between family and frat ensues.

Seth Rogen is known for playing a stoner in every movie that he’s in (excluding Funny People). In this movie, he proves he can do more than just a stoner. He also provides some good laughs from the audience. Even Rose Byrne provides laughs as the mother. It’s refreshing for the mother to get good laughs. I was surprised by Zac Efron in this movie. After starring in such movies as the harmless yet forgettable High School Musical and the formulaic yet amusingly funny 17 Again, I could tell how much he matured as an actor. Not only is he funny, but he keeps the energy going with the parties, and has great chemistry with the frat boys, especially Dave Franco as the co-leader.

Director Nicholas Stoller does a capable job capturing the realities of a fraternity. Although they made me laugh, I could see most of the funny moments coming from a mile away. Neighbors is so crude, vulgar, and almost uncomfortable to watch that I couldn’t help but laugh. Particularly one sequence had just about everybody in stitches. Like with This Is the End, there are a lot of amusing movie references (i.e. Taxi Driver). But, the only things I didn’t see coming are the countless (by that, I mean, there are A LOT of) dick jokes. They got old wicked fast.



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